Open Engagement Follow-up

Feedback from the recent (May14-17) Open Engagement conference is slowly percolating into the interwebs:

A review of the Affective Economies panel by Krystal South.

D.K. Row writes a review of the conference for The Oregonian.

Some notes on Open Engagement by Colin Kloecker.

A series of impressions and more impressions.

I’ll be posting more as it appears. Please send any and all material you generate or discover regarding the conference to 127 Prince (or you can simply leave links in the comments section).



  1. Bart

    [Editor’s Note: This “review” by Tanner Dobson was omitted from the round-up mostly due to its
    coarse, some might even say racist line “…like some kind of Somali.”
    It was my (Randall Szott) decision alone to omit it. Although there
    are some very funny moments in the post I thought that the overall
    shock-jock tone offered more heat than light as they say…Since it has now been offered up here as a comment, it will be left for others to decide if it provides any value.]

    Review here:

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