Hello November

Editor’s note: 127 Prince is pleased to announce that we are finally kicking off our guest blogging series. We are equally pleased that David Horvitz will be our first guest blogger:

David Horvitz is an artist whose work adopts a nomadic personality, shifting seamlessly between the Internet and the printed page, the West Coast, East Coast, and beyond, avoiding any particular definition or medium. Born in Los Angeles and currently based in New York—although his location may change at any given moment—Horvitz frequently encourages participation from both his friends and a web-based audience for his projects, channeling the spirit of conceptual artists who reach out to a community greater than their immediate surroundings. He infuses his practice with generosity and free distribution. (Jenny Borland)

Thank you to Jen Delos Reyes for inviting me to guest-blog here for the month of November. This very short introduction will explain exactly what I will be doing.
Throughout the month I will be posting interviews that I will conduct with various individuals and organizations. Not being limited to artists, I will talk to curators, bloggers, publishers, people working in the commercial world, etc… Our discussions will orbit around the idea of the social in relation to what they are doing and making. And staying close to the name of the blog, the address of Gordan Matta-Clark’s restaurant, each interview/conversation will start from food. This is how I think all conversations should start from. As I am writing this I am eating a plate full of sliced apples, beets, celery, and green tomatoes. Yum.

The first post will come shortly.

Thank You,

– David


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