Sharing Experiences: Sprague Electric and North Adams, MA

Mike Hutchinson

Mike Hutchinson is a musician and songwriter. He plays jazz piano, French horn, organ and violin and currently sings in the Northern Berkshire Ecumenical Choir.

He began work for Sprague in 1961. He moved to North Adams immediately after graduating that year with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston. During his 38 years of service with Sprague, he developed, researched and oversaw the manufacture and quality control of products such as ceramic circuit designs and aluminum and tantalum capacitors. He was responsible for the quality functions of over 1 million pieces a week of a commercial film capacitor.

His work with Sprague concluded in 1989. Afterward he operated independently a software solutions company. He also returned to college to earn a degree in Fine and Performing Arts at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, graduating with honors in 1999.

Mike is participating in On Symptoms of Cultural Industry by Bureau for Open Culture by sharing his experiences at Sprague Electric and his personal stories about living in North Adams, talking about, among many other topics, how the city has changed over the course of the past decades after Sprague closed and cultural tourism began to take a more vital role in the city’s economy.

Photograph by Timothy Nazzaro.


One comment

  1. Nancy Woolley

    I’m hoping to get in touch with Michael Hutchinson. I live in Rochester, VT where Michael lived previously, and have some historical questions for him.

    I hope this might get to him.

    Many thanks.

    Nancy Woolley

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