More Information

Q. Is this a blog or a journal?

A. Both. If you’d like to distinguish between blog content and journal content,  you can use the tags in the right sidebar to sort them.

Q. What’s the difference between the two forms of content?

A. The journal material passes through our editorial filter (more on that below). The blog postings do not. We hope that contributions in each format are interesting, but the timeliness of posting and the time devoted to writing will likely be quite different. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Q. What is your editorial policy?

A. As above, the blog postings are edited only in the sense of inviting guest bloggers to contribute. The journal editing is somewhat unusual. We plan on making the “nuts and bolts” editorial changes for grammar, punctuation, etc. prior to publishing a piece. For the “big picture” editing we plan on posting our requests for clarification, challenges to lines of thought, etc. to the comments section of the piece. We do this to make our process and biases more transparent as well as to attempt to get discussion going.

Q. Will there be a print version?

A. Yes, eventually. We will likely produce a printed version annually comprised of material from the site as well as “bonus” material. We also plan to (eventually) provide pdf versions of all journal contributions. Readers can then use the tag feature to create themed “issues” themselves by printing the pdfs.

Q. How can I submit either a journal or blog contribution?

A. At this time, contributions are by invitation, but keep an eye out for calls.

Q. How often will new material appear?

A. We would prefer to commit to quality rather than deadlines. Journal contributions will likely appear at least once a month. Blog posts will likely appear weekly. The easiest way to stay up to date is to subscribe to the “Entries” and “Comments” feeds in the right sidebar.

Q. Why are there separate introductions to the journal?

A. Again, in the interest of transparency, we want to make the various ambitions and interests driving the editorial board clear.