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Interview with Marie Lorenz

Marie Lorenz (and myself) in her studio in Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY.

Marie Lorenz is an artist living in New York. I talked with her about her Tide and Current Taxi project, where she ferries people around the New York area in a boat she built by hand. If you are in the area next Spring when it starts to get warmer, send her an e-mail and you can explore New York’s waterways! Her web-site can be seen here.


Have you ever fished during any of your explorations, and caught something that was safe to eat?

Once I took a passenger who wanted to try and get enough food from the Gowanus Bay to make dinner. We took a fishing pole and floated around without catching anything. I have always wanted to try that again, but really catch and eat something. So this could be a call to anyone who wants to try and take an Edible New York trip in the Tide and Current Taxi next summer – it would sort of help if you knew more than me about fishing or crabbing… Continue reading