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Members of THE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEW YORK committee (D.A.N): Kamomi Solidum, Stephen Squibb, Sarah Resnick, and Anne Callahan at Bark in Brooklyn, NY. There are 14 active members of the committee at the time this blog is being posted.

I sat down with four committee members from THE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEW YORK to have a conversation about their organization and its structure. THE PUBLIC SCHOOL was founded in Los Angeles by Telic Arts Exchange. Today, it has chapters throughout the United States and around the world. Here is a description pulled from their website:

THE PUBLIC SCHOOL is a school with no curriculum. At the moment, it operates as follows: first, classes are proposed by the public (I want to learn this or I want to teach this); then, people have the opportunity to sign up for the classes (I also want to learn that); finally, when enough people have expressed interest, the school finds a teacher and offers the class to those who signed up.

THE PUBLIC SCHOOL is not accredited, it does not give out degrees, and it has no affiliation with the public school system. It is a framework that supports autodidactic activities, operating under the assumption that everything is in everything.


DH: Did any of you get any of the “free” chocolate I brought to French Theory (An Introduction to Possible Futures)? From when I was uptown and stumbled upon a chocolate shop whose air-conditioner had just broken, and I walked out with about a thousand dollars worth of fancy chocolate…. Continue reading


Interview with Marie Lorenz

Marie Lorenz (and myself) in her studio in Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY.

Marie Lorenz is an artist living in New York. I talked with her about her Tide and Current Taxi project, where she ferries people around the New York area in a boat she built by hand. If you are in the area next Spring when it starts to get warmer, send her an e-mail and you can explore New York’s waterways! Her web-site can be seen here.


Have you ever fished during any of your explorations, and caught something that was safe to eat?

Once I took a passenger who wanted to try and get enough food from the Gowanus Bay to make dinner. We took a fishing pole and floated around without catching anything. I have always wanted to try that again, but really catch and eat something. So this could be a call to anyone who wants to try and take an Edible New York trip in the Tide and Current Taxi next summer – it would sort of help if you knew more than me about fishing or crabbing… Continue reading

Sean Dockray Interview – by Randall Szott

Editor’s Note:

This interview was conducted over 18 months ago. Sean and I (R. Szott) agreed early on that we would exert an extremely light editorial touch in order to allow our conversation to avoid being too polished. There are many things we might have said differently if we took the usual editorial scalpel to things. This is especially true now that so much time has passed between the exchange and its publication. It is also quite long due to its unexpurgated nature. I hope that the patient reader will find it as rewarding to follow Sean’s thoughts as I found it…

Randall Szott: There’s never really an ideal place to start an interview, but maybe my “discovery” of some things you’re up to will work. I stumbled my way into AAAARG.ORG and Telic Arts Exchange and then into The Public School before I realized that you were connected to each of them! There’s an obvious self-organizing/pedagogical thread to those enterprises and a concern with thinking in interesting ways about publics and how to organize, exchange with, or challenge them. This seems to extend across your practice as a whole. I was wondering if you could place these things in their context (as you imagine it) or say whether you see them as intersecting with broader, or even narrower, concerns from other elements in your life and work. Continue reading

Open Engagement Interviews on Bad at Sports

Here are the Bad at Sports interviews conducted at the Open Engagement conference as part of a series on social practice. Two interviews are with 127 Prince editors (Ted Purves and Jen Delos Reyes) and four of them are co-hosted by another editor (Randall Szott).

Episode 249: Ted Purves
Episode 250: Nato Thompson
Episode 251: Mark Dion
Episode 253: Nils Norman
Episode 254: Jen Delos Reyes and Harrell Fletcher