Bureau for Open Culture is a guest contributor this month!

Bureau for Open Culture is a curatorial and pedagogic institution for the contemporary arts based in North Adams, Massachusetts, founded and directed by James Voorhies. We work intentionally to reimagine the art exhibition as a discursive form of education that creates a kind of new public sphere or new institution. Exhibitions take shape as installations, screenings, informal talks, and performances and occur in parking lots, storefronts, libraries, industrial sites, country roads, gardens, and galleries. They respond to the issues of these situations, operating in real time. In doing so they generate platforms for learning and knowledge production that make ideas accessible, relevant, and inviting for diverse audiences. This model encourages overlaps of art, science, ecology, the built environment, philosophy, and design. To realize this work, Bureau for Open Culture initiates and cultivates collaborations with institutions as well as produces projects independently whenever possible.


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